NOVA Weight Loss is MBSAQIP-Accredited
The MBSAQIP Accredited Center designation recognizes surgical programs with a demonstrated track record of favorable outcomes in bariatric surgery.
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Most insurance companies offer benefits for bariatric surgery. Your employer selects your benefits and makes the decision to offer bariatric coverage. Your Benefits Handbook provided by your employer will list all of your benefits including benefits for bariatric surgery. NOVA Weight Loss will make every effort to accurately verify your benefits prior to your consultation if you have provided us with your complete insurance information at the seminar. Nova Weight Loss, however, can not be held responsible for information reported to us by your insurance company in error.
In order to be considered a candidate for bariatric surgery, a person generally has to be eligible by National Institute of Health guidelines established in 1991.Patient must have a body mass index of 40 or greater OR patient must have a body mass index of 35 or greater with the presence of significant co-morbid conditions related to morbid obesity. Some of the co-morbid conditions are.
Surgery is just the beginning of your journey toward better health. Our post-surgical program is equally as important for education and support. Nova Weight Loss understands the significance of a STRONG aftercare program. We have brought together a highly accomplished and qualified team to provide the best possible experience to help you achieve your goals. We have structured educational classes, as well as specialized instructions from each individual surgeon.